My name is Megan and I am a 21 year old student at Leeds Trinity University. I set up this blog in August 2012 as a way to meet new people and write about things I loved. This blog is like my diary as some days I just like to sit and write a post about how I'm feeling. This allows me to just get my feelings down and out there, maybe connecting with some of you who are also going through similar things. I also like to be able to post about products/tv shows/movies I have loved/currently loving. So I guess this blog is a bit of everything! Showcasing my personality and love for so many things in life. I also want to be able to open up about my struggles as a trainee teacher. It's a hard job and if any of you want someone to talk to as you're feeling overwhelmed like me, then trust me I can really understand!

I can't say I have the blogging thing exactly perfect, but I'm working on it and this is my small world of imperfection and it's a lovely little bubble to be in.

Hope you enjoy my blog. If you have any other questions feel free to email me- megsiemaysmiles@gmail.com 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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